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Technical Issues

We try to help you get the best ergonomics online. Read our answer on the technical side.

I have just installed tabby. Why isn't it working yet?

When you install tabby, the tool will not remove tabs right at once. The tab manager takes well-thought-out decisions automatically.

If the number of tabs opened on your browser is superior to the target you put in the settings it could be normal. It means you use all your tabs, so your behaviour prevails over your own restriction settings and tabby does not take any action. 

However, if it is the case for too long, please press "bug/feedback" on the popup and send us your problem. We'll take care of it!

How can I protect tabs from tabby?

If you REALLY want to keep a tab open, it's always possible. Just press right click on a tab, and "pin" it. Tabby will ignore it.
If you want to keep ALL the tabs of your window open, it's possible too. Just open the popup, then go to settings and  toggle off tabby.

Why can’t I stay on the popup when I restore a tab?

Light restore.
Actually, you can! You just have to press ctrl + click (or "Cmd" on a MacBook), on the "restore" button in the popup. Just like you would do on your browser!
However, the history of your tab won't be recovered. For example, if you were writing a review on Airbnb you would not retrieve your text (see below). This button works best for 80% of use-cases that involve Gsuite applications or reading the news, for example.

Heavy restore.
To retrieve all of your information, we recommend you simply click on the restore button (without pressing the "ctrl" button). Not only will you get the full history of your tab (cart details on Amazon, payment information for flights etc.) but you will also get the EXACT position of that tab on your browser. Pretty convenient, isn't it?

Functioning of tabby

tabby is a sophisticated tab manager that makes your life more smooth. Read more on how it actually works.

How does tabby choose the next tab to be removed?

tabby scores each of your tabs by relevance before it makes a decision. The main KPIs (not all of them) taken into account are:
- The time spent on the tab
- The last time you viewed the tab
- The frequency of viewing

How does tabby decide to close the next tab?

tabby has a complex, non linear removal policy. It triggers the removal more quickly when you have many tabs above your settings' objective.

Wellbeing & Serenity

We spend more time online each year. This represents a severe threat to our wellbeing on a daily basis - read our articles on the Wellbeing. Tabby is a tab manager that helps digital workers live a more quiet day on the internet. It's a simple solution, yet very efficient.

How does tabby differentiate itself from other solutions around digital wellbeing?

The ecosystem of existing solutions relies on the user to change their digital behaviour. Plus, that behavioural change often requires a lot of setup - manual reporting on apps, change in calendars, etc. We decided to take a softer and more immersive approach to achieve greater results.
Tabby is a tab manager that allows users to use their browser as usual, except the tool automates low-value tasks related to tab management in order to help users focus on the most valuable tasks, longer, and be more productive. No setup is required. It's free.

How does tabby contribute to my wellbeing?

Wellbeing happens best when you are in the here-and-now and in a full conscious control of your day.
Tabby is a tab manager that helps you reduce distractions and recenter on your priorities. It’s the same day, except you feel much more conscious in everything you do.


Tabby is a tab manager that enables digital workers to be more productive on their browser.

How does tabby helps me be more productive

Being productive and time allocation are directly linked, especially when we spend +8 hours per day on the internet as it is the case today. Tabby helps you in 3 ways:
- First, as staying organized helps be more productive, this tab manager removes your unnecessary tabs automatically and thereby provides you with a cleaner browser view;
- Second, as making better decisions helps optimize your efficiency, this tab manager helps you keep just the relevant amount of information you need and thereby prevents you from the guilt-tripping FOMO feeling that is all over the place today;

- Third, as your health is both a priority and a cost center, this tab manager offers you a minimalist approach to keep doing what you love on the internet, yet without the stress and frustration.

You are a freelancer? Read our 3 expert tips that will help you make more money.

Business Model

Tabby was built out of our love for working on the browser. But is that all?

How does tabby make money?

Building the future of serenity at work is a beautiful purpose on its own. It honestly makes us get up in the morning. That's why tabby is 100% free for all of our users and you can call it a "side-project".

tabby was born during the COVID-19 crisis when lots of people where forced to work from home. Most of them did not have the right working environment. Either people had to take care of their kids, or actually run the house while making sure they could make it for the next meeting. Also, in the midst of the hive, the problem was not just the small confined spaces at home but rather the visual pollution that comes with their working interface. Indeed, the world is crowded with SaaS and web apps, and soon enough, people lose sight on their priorities. That's a lot to take in those times of uncertainties.
tabby's core team is composed of three friends who work on remote, in different industries but united in the desire to have an impact. Each of us got invited in thousands of meetings where tabs were simply overwhelming. Tabs clutter the mind as much as they clutter the window. Since disorganization quickly arises online, we designed an ad-hoc tab manager that would leverage automation to the benefits of each user, depending on their own behaviour.

Our purpose is not to make money out of tabby. It's rather to make the tool truly useful and helpful for real people. To maintain the service, we rely on the generosity on our community.  You can donate any amount you want here. The team sends you warm thank you-s.

Data & Privacy

Let's together make internet safer for people and apply strict ethics on data collection and data usage.

Is tabby secure? What about my personal data?

No data is being collected at all for now (only client-side) and no personal data will ever be collected!

Climate Change

There is no denial in climate change. We'll all suffer a great deal if we do nothing and if we don't act collectively.

How does tabby contribute to the fight against climate change?

As you might have heard, the Internet might be responsible for 4% of global carbon emissions, which is twice as much as the aircraft industry. The whole internet industry is electricity-powered, of which a little comes from clean and renewable sources. As economists expect an increase in electricity demand globally, any drop caused by the way we personally use the internet will contribute to that positive change.

That said, did you know that one tab (active or inactive) requires energy to remain on the browser? By automatically removing your unnecessary tabs, Tabby is a tab manager that helps you reduce your personal electricity demand while being online.

Unfortunately, using tabby won't be enough to significantly lower your individual carbon footprint. If you are interested in that:
1. extend the lifetime of all your current hardware (phone, TV, computer, etc.) by at least 1 year
2. buy secondary/refurbished hardware products from now on
3. stop streaming Netflix (or any content) in full HD

Improve your Serenity online, starting today...

tabby is a free tab manager that will ease your life all day long.

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