The most useful chrome keyboard shortcuts in 2020

In this article, I’ll share the most useful chrome keyboard shortcut in 2020.

Quick definition: A good keyboard shortcut must be easy to remember and automate highly repetitive tasks. 

This simple criterion enabled me to save a lot of time online. During the COVID-19 lockdown, I have used these shortcuts in a variety of situations and it boosted my productivity.

Let’s dive in! 

IMPORTANT : If you’re using a MacBook, replace Ctrl with “Cmd”.

1. Read faster

When I want to read on a topic, I open the first 3 or 4 results of Google's first page. Then, I'll quickly skim the content similarity, content differentiation and examples.

How do I do that?

I could scroll with the “arrow up” or the “arrow down”, but the default pace is too slow for my eye, so I get frustrated. Trackpad scrolling is excluded.

Here's my secret sauce:

press Alt + ⬆️ or press Alt + ⬇️ to scroll faster

2. Select the right tab

I have a serious problem with tab accumulation: 

Multiple tabs on the Chrome browser view
My Chrome browser view when I work

How do I find my document? I don't want to click on a tab one by one.

Here's a keyboard shortcut you will love:

press Ctrl + # of tab position to select the right tab

You can also read our list of the best tab managers on chrome.

3. Remove unwanted tabs

To be productive online, I have to clean my browser interface.

Specifically, it happens that ads randomly pop up on my interface - like streaming websites or manga blogs for example. I want to close these tabs super fast.

Here's an effective shortcut:

press Crtl + W each time an unwanted tab appears
press Ctrl + Maj + T to retrieve your tabs you previously closed.

4. Refresh a tab 

When I want to buy tickets for a concert or refresh the score of my favorite soccer game, I use this shortcut.

1. press Crtl + R to refresh a tab
2. press Ctrl + Shift + R to refresh and empty the cache simultaneously

5. Create hyperlinks fast

Linking documents is super convenient especially on Gsuite. I want to link a Google doc one pager to a line on Google Spreadsheet for example, or attach accounting receipts to it.

To do that fast, I never user the right click “create hyperlink” with my trackpad.

Instead, I use this keyboard shortcut workflow:

1. Copy the link by pressing Ctrl + C
2. Select the expression you want to link to by maintaining Shift + ➡️
3. Open the hyperlink option setting by pressing Ctrl + K
4. Paste the link by pressing Ctrl + V

Boom! And I didn't touch your mouse.

6. Query Google Search faster

This happens to me all the time!

Say I am working and I suddenly want to Google "green tabby sweatshirts".

How do I do it without touching the mouse click?

I have 3 shortcuts for you:

1. You keep your work organized and you open a new Chrome window by pressing Ctrl + N
2. You mess up with your work because you are in a hurry so you open a new tab by pressing Ctrl + T
3. You override your current tab by pressing Ctrl + L or Ctrl + E

7. Find information faster on a page

When I am reading a scientific blog post or an industry blog post, I always want to go straight to the deal.

Press Ctrl + F - This one is probably the godfather of all shortcuts.

8. Improve your written communication

I communicate more and more in writing. But it's hard to convey both the logical structure and the intensity of a message, huh?

"Form follows content" as the saying goes, so here are my golden shortcuts. 😉

👋 Use this workflow:
1. Lay emphasis on what is key by making it in bold text (Ctrl + B)
2. Indicate when it’s a quote by making it in italic (Ctrl + I)
3. Drive your message home by underlining titles or key takeaways (Ctrl + U)
4. Make it easy to read by justifying your text copy (Ctrl + Shift + J)
5. Tell a visual story by selecting and centering embedded images (Ctrl + Shift + E)
6. Don’t forget hyperlinks (Ctrl + K)

9. Improve your focus online

😮 Don't you feel distracted all the time? Notifications, multi-screening, multi-tasking... We really live in a fragmented reality. 😤

Let's do this our favor, and let's stay focused 😇

👋 Solution: press F11 to enter the focus mode and press it back to exit the focus mode.

🤫 If focusing on your work is a real problem for you as well, you should check (it's free). Tabby is an AI-powered tab manager that detects unnecessary tabs and remove them automatically and silently - while giving you the peace of mind that you can restore a tab with just one click. We hope you love it!

tabby is an AI-powered tab manager: easy to use and efficient

10. Print documents if you often use them

If I read a web page for more than 15 minutes, I want to print it. I do it for 2 reasons : 1) it’s more eco-friendly 2) it'll rest my eyes because I'm likely to go back to that document again.  (Source:

print documents by pressing Ctrl + P

11. Drag and drop files, lightning fast!

Most websites allow me to drag and drop files, like screenshots to support my ticket enquiry on a customer service, or pictures for my website. 

That’s actually great for the user experience and I guess nobody will miss the time where you clicked on “Browse file” > “Upload picture” > “Send picture”.

Now, I can simply open my file manager and drag and drop what I want, without specifically clicking on a button. 

That’s way faster, what do you think Jim?

man using chrome shortcuts to delete open tabs

Here are the shortcuts:

Press Ctrl + O to open your file manager and drag and drop files mindfully
Use this keyboard shortcut workflow to drag files in bulk :
1. Open the file manager via pressing Ctrl + O
2. Select multiple files via pressing Ctrl + Alt + ⬇️
3. Drop them with a quick mouse move and BOOM

12. Browse safely using the incognito mode

📈 Data and Privacy on the internet are certainly hot topics, and more people want to switch to incognito mode.

This is especially useful when you want to log in on your personal account through your professional laptop for example. The incognito mode will allow you to browser without letting your credentials on their machine.

Here again, I have 2 shortcuts for you:

Press Ctrl + Shift + N and make safe search incognito
Remove your internet footprint on external devices: Press Ctrl+Shift+Del to delete all your navigation data on the machine

13. Manage your bookmarks easily

Personally, I rarely use bookmarks because it's time-consuming and chaotic. 

Yet, I know many of our friends care to structure their findings in folders, and pay extra time managing their folders so it’s worth helping them ✌️

If you’re interested to know how I deal with knowledge management, tell me here: 🤓

Use these 2 shortcuts:

1. Register a bookmark by pressing Ctrl + D
2. Manage your bookmark folders by pressing Ctrl+Shift+O

14. Fill in online forms super fast

Whether it’s a fiscal form, payment form or a demo booking form, I often must fill in forms many times a week. That’s usually a terrible experience. So I will give you tips to make it quicker and sweeter for your day 💖

1. You can go quickly to the next field by pressing the “Tab” key (above the Maj button) and move to the previous field by pressing Shift + Tab
2. (This one is my favorite tip!) You should use the Chrome autofill feature! 

Quick focus on Chrome autofill feature:

Among many reasons, one makes Chrome absolutely great: the autofill feature. 💖

Based on what you usually enter as information for payment, shipment delivery, newsletter subscription, etc.

Chrome suggests you to use this information again by pressing the ⬇️ and it will fill automatically all the fields at once. 

🥰 What a great user experience, you think but how do you implement it?

  1. Click on the 3 vertical dots on the top right of your screen
  2. Go to Settings (sometimes, you then need to click “Advanced”)
  3. Select “Autofill” either on the page, or the left navigation bar of your screen
  4. There you’ll see you can setup multiple passwords for multiple accounts (bank, softwares, intranets, etc.), or multiple credit cards for multiple accounts (personal vs. professional credit cards), or multiple addresses (for shipment for instance)

The Autofill window allows users to enter information for passwords, payment methods, addresses and more.

The Autofill takes only a minute to set up and will save you a considerable amount of time.

15. Open your browser history

Like bookmark management, I rarely dig into my history. It's because I usually visit the same websites. 🙃

I trust Chrome will help find my way back to the website.

Here is your shortcut:

press Ctrl + H to open your browser history

If you're looking for a permanent solution to browsing your history easily, has this feature built-in.

16. Find all the files you downloaded with just one shortcut

Like many more people, I am struck with the Fear Of Missing Out effect (FOMO).

🤔 What does that mean? 

That means I leave tabs opened because I think they are interesting and that I will read them later.

That could also be the case that I download ebooks, reports, and infographics that I think can be useful one day in the future.

That essentially tells something about me: I am simply craving for a LOT of content. 🧠

Well, as a team I can tell you we all struggle with that feeling. We feel MORE is just NOT ENOUGH. 🤯
Hum, let’s go this crazy shortcut! 👼

Open your download file manager by pressing Ctrl + J 

Bonus : Screenshot your screen in one click

A picture is worth a thousand words. Whether I want to illustrate my problems with a customer service, or show a proof of a payment receipt, the fastest way to do that is to screenshot my screen. 

Press ctrl + shift + 4 to select which part of your screen you want to show
Press ctrl + shift + 3 to select the entire screen

On Mac, it’s cmd + ctrl + shift + 3 or cmd + ctrl + shift + 4.

I hope you liked my list of useful chrome shortcuts.

You can Test yourself and challenge (we will send you the results!).

You can find more shortcuts on the chrome documentation.

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- your tabby team