Our list of chrome extensions that are (really) underrated

The chrome webstore is the alibaba cave. There are extensions for almost everything. Faithful to the internet, there are notably tabby extensions - and we'll come back to that - but also extensions to increase our productivity.

In this list, we will see extensions whose all or some features are quite underestimated.

Let's go!

1. Tabby Cat, a cute wallpaper

While this extension simply offers a very cute cat drawing on each new tab, its value is elsewhere.

Firstly, this extension allows you to gather your ideas in an instant with just one image. Indeed, with a clever play on the contrast between the background and the front, your new page is a real comfort for your eyes.

Secondly, this extension increases your empathy because your mouse cursor allows you to stroke the tabby on the top of their heads. With an animation integrated into the movement of your mouse, you feel you have a grip on the page which gives you a reassuring feeling and a playful aspect. In addition, each tabby is given a funny nickname to stimulate your creativity.

Finally, this extension potentially reduces your stress through your cortisol level. Indeed, according to Newsweek.com, petting cats would reduce the cortisol hormone, which is a stress response hormone. Of course, the study features experiments conducted with real cats. That’s why the impact of this chrome extension still needs to be proved.

Although the extension offers built-in shopping - for more cats - we suggest you try it!

cute tabby on a new tab

2. Minimo, a new type of wallpaper

You probably know Momentum, that chrome extension that displays a heavenly beach as a background on each new tab, with a warm message like "Hello tabby".

We suggest you try Minimo, another chrome extension that offers you a clean view with almost no setup costs.

In a single page, you'll be able to display what's important to you: the time at instant T and quick shortcuts to your favorite sites.

We especially like the flat background color. It helps rest your mind. 

minimalist interface to see the essential

3. tabby, your AI-powered tab manager

Perhaps you already accumulate hundreds of tabs on your computer. This clutters your mind, makes you do unnecessary clicks, makes it complex to make a decision, and slows down your machine.

For these reasons, you need to consider using a tab manager.

tab accumulation on the browser causes focus problems

There exists multiple tab managers out there, but tabby offers probably a different approach.

Tabby uses artificial intelligence to detect irrelevant tabs and remove them automatically and discretely from your browser view, when we feel you don't need it. Tabs are then stored in a nice popup, for you to find them and retrieve them.

This is how tabby looks on the computer

Isn’t it a beautiful way to think about working online? You can use tabby for free here.

4. WebCheck AI, to fact check news

Fact-checking is super underrated. When you have 1 blog every 7 user on the web (Ubersuggest), you really want to double check that what you are reading is the truth and has not a slightly different meaning.

Similar to tabby, Webcheck AI is super integrated. It gives you the truth directly within a popup that you can access directly with one click.

For example, let's say we want to buy a tabby sweatshirt that is ethically produced. As you know, tabby comes with all forms of shapes and sizes so I need to benchmark sweatshirts. On top of that, we are not experts in eco-labels, fair trade labels in the retail industry.

Webcheck AI checks information sources for buying green ethical tabby sweatshirts

Making deep research on the quality and the ethical character of the raw materials would take too much time. Plus, we would open dozen of tabs only to reconcile knowledge sources, which will scatter our focus, waste our desktop battery life and won't help us buy our sweatshirt fast (check our guide on the too many tabs syndrome).

We want an immersive tool that sort of automates that task for us. This is where WebCheck AI comes in handy!

It gives us some details and definitions of "Corporate Social Responsibility" (CSR) or "Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production". (read our checklist on how you can reduce your online carbon footprint)

Everything makes better sense now, and we feel confident in buying that green tabby sweatshirt.

5. Dark Reader, care for your eyes

If your eyes hurt because you spend too much time online, why don't you try to give them a little bit of care? Dark Reader is an awesome extension that allows you to turn any page into a dark page. You can always configure the dark theme: brightness, contrast and sepia. Enable for all websites or particular domains.

We've tested it, and it's not super easy to use, and incredibly efficient.... Keep browsing!

Dark Reader is a powerful popup to care for your eyes


You know more underrated chrome extensions that should be in this list? Send us an email!

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