Privacy first: 5 chrome extensions to browse safely in 2021

Google chrome is one of the most famous and the most used browser among Windows and Mac users. But when it comes to protecting one’s Privacy, Chrome is not in the first picks.

But however, Chrome is one of the most robust browsers available. Because a lot of people love using Chrome and got used to the browser, here is the list of extensions to be added other than disabling location and data sync one could do to improve one’s privacy. 

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1. Privacy Badger

Privacy Badger is one of the most needed extensions to stay low in the Internet world. It is an open source extension/add-on that blocks advertisers as well as the third party trackers from tracking our user activity in the Internet pages. The advantage of using this extension is that the extension blocks the advertiser directly from loading any more content when it detects the inappropriate user tracking in any particular website.  

Privacy badger is a must have tool as almost every website available has started using Google and Facebook trackers to have better analytics for their websites. Being a part of the “ShareMeNot'' Privacy Badger includes a feature to allow the users to click and engage with the social buttons with the aid of a stand-in version. These Social media plugins/buttons will not be able to track the user activity unless the user wishes to expose himself/herself.

2. HTTPS Everywhere

A well-known privacy extension is the HTTPS Everywhere. Nowadays almost every website is trying to make themselves look more authentic and secure. Hence, they try to have the HTTPS protocols for their websites when in comparison to the less secure HTTP counterpart. The HTTP website is by default marked by most browsers as unsafe with an opened lock symbol when accessing them.

Most of the websites available on the Internet offer some limited support for Privacy with the help of encryption over HTTPS. In some cases it is difficult to use. These websites may be by default point to the unencrypted version(HTTP) instead of the possible HTTPS site. HTTPS Everywhere helps to increase the user’s security by automatically changing the visited websites from “HTTP” to “HTTPS”. 

3. DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials

DuckDuckGo is one of the renowned browsers/search engines when it comes to privacy or less user tracking. Adding this extension to the Chrome browser, helps the user to replace their default search engine to DuckDuckGo thereby taking care of the user information.

The extension forces the search results to use an encrypted connection whenever possible. DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials blocks the hidden third-party advertising trackers which are embedded in websites.

4. Blur

Blur helps one to maintain privacy and security starting from passwords and secure payments to blocking annoying tracking, data collections and ads. The Freemium version of Blur comes in with masked email, encrypted passwords, and tracking blocking. However more secure and private add-ons are available on the paid version. 

Blur uses the AES-256 encryption to keep the passwords and keys away from the hands of the hackers. Blur supports it’s users by enabling disposable credit cards while shopping online, blocking the trackers that don't respect the user’s privacy, and prevents unnoticed collection of user data in various websites.

5. Ghostery

Ghostery is another Privacy extension for the Chrome fans who still like to have their privacy intact. This extension helps to find the trackers on each page of a website and gives the user the control to choose what to keep and what not. Ghostery aids in a better and safer browsing experience by restricting unwanted ads on any website.

This being said, the extensions play a very crucial role in bringing in more security and Privacy back to the users. These extensions are mostly open source and are funded by community and Privacy enthusiasts. This puts these extensions to be community tested for flaws and vulnerabilities. The privacy enthusiasts from around the world have tested and are using extensions like Privacy badger and HTTPS Everywhere to keep themselves safe and Private.

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Follow your privacy instincts. Stay Private, Stay Safe.

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