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This articles helps seize the potential of your browser - whether it's related to Tabby or not. Pro Tip: we update this section frequently, so we suggest you use our dynamic table of content to get straight to the answer you need. Submit new questions to us: team@tabby.us. Happy reading!

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How can I protect a tab permanently?

Tabby allows users to permanently protect their most important tabs. To do so, just pin them on your browser view: right click on the tab > pin.

Will Tabby close my hangout meeting tab or my Netflix show if I don't show signs of activity?

Rest assured! We love Netflix and remote online meetings too 👌More seriously, if some sounds come out of your tab, tabby will protect it. And by the way, if you are watching Netflix, YouTube or being in a hangout meeting, you are actually ON this tab, so it's an active one. 😇

How is my data and internet activity protected?

Tabby accesses Chrome properties to help you improve your focus and productivity by focusing specifically on your tabs. Yet, all of the data and actions happen on your own browser (client-side) and not on our server (server-side). There is absolutely zero connexion between the client-side and the browser-side so you're 100% safe.

Common questions 👌

For more time saving shortcuts, we suggest you read our list of 16 shortcuts you will use every day.

How to save browser tabs?

To save your browser tabs, you have 2 options. Either you bookmark them with Cmd/Ctrl + D. Or you pin the tab with "right click" and then "pin tab" (do the same to unpin the tab). To save tabs in your current context, we suggest you use Tabby - you'll see this free chrome extension saves you a lot of focus and energy.

How to switch browser tabs with keyboard?

To switch browser tabs with your keyboard, press Ctrl/Cmd + # of tab position from 1 to 9.

A better question though is how can I find my work faster on my browser? Have a look at our tool Tabby, it's free. It allows you to find your work way faster and withdraw the needs to switch tabs actively on your browser.

How do I manage browser tabs?

You can do many things with your browser tabs. First, select those you want. Then, re-organise them. Third, remove what is unnecessary to see just what matters to you before your eyes.

To better manage your tabs in a permanent way, be more efficient and more mindful, check out Tabby. This free extension is perfectly smart.

How can I open browser tabs?

To open browser tabs, you have 3 nice native built-in shortcuts:
1. Press Ctrl/Cmd + N to open a new tab on a new window. 
2. Press Ctrl/Cmd + T to open a new tab on the same window.
3. Press Ctrl/Cmd + E to change your active tab's URL

How can I restore browser tabs?

To restore your browser tabs with your keyboards you can use this secret shortcut: Ctrl/Cmd + Maj + T. It will pull tabs out of your history in descending order. To work even smarter, you can use Tabby. We have a built-in function that allows you to restore the tab you just want... and it's free.