Best tab managers for Chrome in 2020

You will learn about the best tab managers in 2020 and quickly know which one to use for your needs.

Using a tab manager is a great way to boost your efficiency and improve your working environment. Tabs represent the interface on everything digital. Think about all the manual tasks you do with your tabs: selecting, reorganizing, pinning, switching, etc.

Isn’t killing your effectiveness at work? 

Let’s dive in!

1. The Great Suspender: Suspend tabs

This tab manager auto-suspends tabs that take too much of your memory. It also gives you the ability to whitelist some websites too.

After some time, the tab goes off. Click once, and the tab reloads.

tabs are suspended, you can reload them

The Great Suspender is a good option if you have a low RAM computer and if you open a lot of different tabs. It’s not a proper “tab manager” per say, but it helps manage your RAM more effectively, so we keep it in the list!

Download the Great Suspender for Chrome

2. Tabby: an AI-powered tab manager

Most of us love paying attention to their tabs. Other don't, and they use

tabby is an AI-powered tab manager that detects your unnecessary tabs and removes them automatically and discretely from your browser view. Think about it as “auto tab cleaning” for your desktop view. Also, all the removed tabs are stored in a popup and can be restored with just one click.

Major benefits are: 

- fewer clicks every day because the tool makes the prioritization for you

- deeper focus on each tab because your interface is less crowded and it works in the background

- More RAM, ie. more speed for your computer because tabs removed are passed as inactive

unnecessary tabs are stored in a popup and can be restored with 1 click

Download tabby for Chrome, or for Firefox, or for Edge

3. One Tab: Register your tab sessions

It’s probably the most comprehensive tab manager out there - and also one of the most traditional. 

It helps you keep controls of your tabs, reorganize them and find them back in a bulk. One Tab can save your sessions, and enable you to restore them altogether.

All your tabs accumulate for later

If you want to keep a close control on your tabs, and if you have many of them.

Download OneTab on Chrome

4. Tabs Outliner: Repackage your tabs like a tree

Tab Manager is a tab manager stricto sensu. It saves your windows and tabs in a personal tree, which is useful if your browser crashes a lot.

Not only does this give you a view on your current working setup but also a back-up of months’ of browsing.

Your tabs are tidied in trees
Download Tabs Outliner on Chrome

5. Infinite tab manager: tabs like a dashboard

Tabs reflect how you work. What if you could organize all of them in a single dashboard? Infinite tabs manager allows you to select multiple tabs, group them from the same site.

Visualize tabs like a dashboard

Download Infine tab manager for chrome

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