Why build tabby, a free tool for Serenity Online?

The tabby team is composed of three friends passionate about "Serenity at Work" in 2020. 

The team lives and works remotely so we had to think critically about how to feel and work better online.

🤔 Let’s explain.

The Internet Controversy

Most of us believe the Internet is the land of plenty. And for good reasons.

Today, almost everybody has access to real-time information anywhere and anytime. Also, we developed unmatched capabilities to engage in one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-many communication. These capabilities, combined with more affordable softwares allow us to seize numerous opportunities.

Yes, the internet is the land of plenty. 😍

But is that really so?

The Internet certainly became the land of too much. 😳

First, we feed our brain with massive information, and probably much more than it can purposely digest.

Second, communication shifted from asynchrone to simultaneous resulting in too many notifications popping up not just on our browser but also on our mobile - while you’re walking or sleeping.

At last, softwares brought a devouring productivity mindset in our lives that makes us rely, not just on a few softwares, but on a myriad of them.

We decided to call that phenomenon our “fragmented reality” (see infographic below), which has dramatic consequences on the daily lives of digital workers. 😟

Others call it the "Too Many Tabs Syndrome". If you're curious, we tell you how to fight the too many tabs syndrome effectively here.

The “Serenity at Work” Initiative

The “Serenity at Work” initiative is meant to help solve this issue of “fragmented reality”. 

We see two parts in such a project. 

First, we would like to introduce a broad and inclusive discussion on this topic, for which we want to engage with a community of mindful people. 

Then, we’ll try to draft out some principles that will help design a new working ergonomics for the growing number of digital and remote workers. 

To be honest, we have no idea where this initiative will take us. 🤷‍♂️

But, it’s part of the journey and we feel okay about this 👌. 

It’s thrilling! 🔥

1. Tabby, a new kind of tab manager

Let’s go back to tabby.

Our team found it difficult to really focus on the web browser. Why? Because of the multitude of open tabs.

Existing tab managers require a lot of "how to" for setup and installation. We tried a few of them and we were not satisfied.

Why digital workers struggle with their tabs

To really understand the problem, we had to dive deep into user habits. 

We found some common denominators to living online: shorter attention span, difficulties prioritising work and embracing things with perspective. We are also spending an increasing amount of hours on the web with Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) habits around the corner.

With the COVID-19 crisis, tab accumulation has become a nightmare. Some of our friends were forced to work from home, often from a single screen computer and shared that tab accumulation was responsible for lower productivity and lower quality of focus throughout the day.

We tried existing tab managers. They are good at reorganizing work, giving extensive controle to the user. However, there ought to exist a new kind of tab manager, a tool that actually helps you focus and accomplish more online.

Complementary to tab managers, you can read the list of the most important chrome keyboard shortcuts in 2020.

Incorporate AI to manage your tabs

Artificial intelligence will change the world in many ways, beyond tab management.

However, we thought: What If we could automate repetitive, boring and useless tasks around tabs by implementing a simple AI?

As we are a team of AI and software engineers, we quickly prototyped an AI to mirror the user behaviour online.

That's how tabby "tabby" was born. It's an AI-based browsing assistant that helps you manage your tabs more effectively. It will improve your focus and productive by detecting irrelevant tabs, and removing them automatically and discretely. Of course, any tab can be restored with just one click.

Even if tabby is still on beta, it really matters to us that tabby is shared globally within teams and organizations.

The adventure will be even more beautiful. 😇

2. Let's Start a New Chapter Together

To organise this conversation about the “Serenity at Work”, we decided to create three categories. 

🔆Productivity: It’s quite a topic today and we want to shed lights on new angles. Click here to read about "Productivity".

🌈Wellbeing: We hope to open new perspectives through the lenses of a digital worker. Click here to read about "Wellbeing".

💌Our Community: As we said earlier, the “Serenity at Work” initiative is meant to be collective, scalable and focused on people. It made only sense to us to give you some room for sharing your experience, thoughts and ideas. Click here to read about "Our Community".

You can read about underrated chrome extensions that improve focus and productivity.

Thank you for reading that far.

Welcome to the Tabby community 👋

- your tabby Team

If the concept of "fragmented reality" resonates with you, feel free to share the infographic below.

tabby - concept "fragmented reality" explained - fewer tabs on the browser