Best practices for tab management on Chrome

Boost your productivity by mastering tab management. In this guide, we cover all the best practices for you to become an expert.

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Best tab managers for Chrome in 2020

Discover the best tab managers to get work done in 2020, and stop feeling mad about your tabs.

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Privacy first: 5 extensions to browse safely on Chrome in 2020

You're just starting with privacy online? Learn how to browse safely on Chrome with this short list of tools.

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Our list of chrome extensions that are (really) underrated

The chrome webstore is the alibaba cave. There are extensions for almost everything. We'll focus on the most underrated, yet valuable, chrome extensions.

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How to Reduce Your Online Carbon Footprint in 2020?

The internet sector emits 4% of the global greenhouse effect (8% in 2025). Learn about the 4 main drivers and the 28 actions you can take today to fight.

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Your Personal Guide For A Healthier Offline And Online on Remote

We spend more time online, more time on remote. I explore the trends of our technology adoption and share a solution guide to make our online work healthy

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In-Depth Guide Against the "Too Many Tabs Syndrome" (TMTS)

The ultime guide to fighting the "Too Many Tabs Syndrome" (TMTS) with extreme effectiveness.

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our FAQ

Classic FAQ. Except it's actually actionable and very frequently updated. Submit new questions to us: Happy reading! 🎉

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The most useful chrome keyboard shortcuts in 2020

The ultimate guide to the most useful chrome shortcuts in 2020 to be productive. Learn them through real life situations and you'll never forget them. 🔥

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Why build tabby, a free tool for Serenity Online?

To improve user's "Serenity Online", tabby is a new tab manager based on artificial intelligence. Enjoy longer focus and better productivity altogether now

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3 Tips That Helps Make Money as a Freelancer

In freelancing, your time is your money. Learn how to step up as a professional with just 3 bullet-proof tips. Save yourself valuable time and money today.

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