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People Trust Us

"My browser is a reflection of my mind... and I can't be in the zone with 19 tabs open. Tabby works in the background, solving my multitasking issues and helping me focus on what matters. Tabby is a real pain killer."


"My RAM manager loves tabby! I always had 30+ unused tabs open with no reason and I crashed my PC a couple of times because of that ... Never happened again and I didn't even notice that tabby was working for me in the background!"


"I have long been looking for a tool to take care of my unwanted tabs. I came across tabby and it just works fine. It does all the work for me and gives me enough flexibility. I recommend it as much as uBlock Origin, another great extension. Read my contribution on privacy here."


"Tabby is really a game changer in my day-to-day job. It allows me to focus efficiently on my task without having to worry about the installation. It is now integrated in my work routine."


Tab accumulation is stressful and inefficient

With tabs come hundreds of clicks that make it also inefficient.

- "Tabby is your shield and sword." - Gandalf

Save Time

When we hoard tabs, we tend to search or group tabs every 2-3 minutes many times a day.

Hum, clicking is repetitive.


Better Focus

We always forget to remove tabs that are no longer relevant to us. They remain open for days, even though they have no value for us.
How many clicks have you already made today?

Well, tab clicking is boring.


Reduce carbon footprint

The web is electricity-powered. An army of tabs wastes energy and slows down computers.

Irrelevant tabs are not green.


Discover tabby,
your personal AI Tab Assistant

tabby removes your unnecessary tabs automatically, without distraction - and it gives you the peace of mind that you can restore tabs with just one click.

And, yes, it's free.

Numbers speak for themselves

Source: user survey
47 tabs
removed on average by tabby per user per day.

Tabby simply closes tabs.
of the tabs that tabby closes are not reopened by the user.
Tabby is very accurate.
+20 minutes
That's the average accumulated focus gained from our users per day.

Tabby clarifies your mind.

Act now.

Improve your Serenity online, starting today...

tabby is a free tab manager that will ease your life all day long.

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